Presidential Traverse

The Presidential Traverse scheduled for June 17-19, 2005 is coordinated by SherpaK as a training exercise for the West Coast Invasion Trip to Mount Rainier and Mount Hood. The traverse is open to everyone.

This practice climb will be along the Presidential Traverse which is approximately 20 miles and 8,500 elevation gain. Check here for a full description of the traverse provided by Mohamed Ellozy.

To view a overview map of the traverse, click here. The profile map can be found here.

Friday, June 17

Location and Camping

The campground being suggested is along Old Cherry Mountain Road. To get the start at the junction of Routes 3 and 302 in the village of Twin Mountain. Travel east on Route 302 approximately 3.6 miles. Turn left on Old Cherry Mountain Road. Follow this road approximately 3 miles. The campsites are along this road and depending on occupancy, you may need to look beyond the 3 mile destination.

Here is a map of the route.

These campsites are primitive and free. There are no facilities available. Parking is $3 per day. If you prefer a campground with services, Zealand and Sugarloaf Campgrounds are also options. These campgrounds do not supports groups. For more information check here.


An important requirement after a long day hiking. Showers are available (24 hours) at the Israel River Campground. There is a $3 per day entrance fee plus quarters needed for the shower. They also have a pool available (when open). Should you decide to visit the Campground, sign in under the group name,  Silvio Croteau who will be staying there and mention you are part of the hiking group. Sherpa went to the campground to make arrangements this past week.

Dry River Campground is only a few miles away and offer full facilities (see below). Another option is at the Highland Center, which is user beware.

Dry River Campground
Route 302
Reservations: (603) 271-3628

The Dry River Campground is located 6.7 miles southeast from the junction of Old Cherry Mountain Road and Route 302. There are 36 sites available of which 30 can be reserved. Showers are available.

Israel River Campground
111 Israel River Road
Jefferson, NH 03583
(603) 586-7977


Preparing for the Traverse

The Traverse requires spotting cars on Friday night. The trail start is at the northern end at Appalachia and the terminus is on Route 302 near the Crawford Notch Hostel. We will spot two cars near Crawford Notch Friday night. There will be some shuttling required from Crawford Notch back to the campground Saturday.

Saturday, June 18 - Traverse Day

The Traverse will be done in small groups some of which will be leaving as early as 2:30 am. The last groups out are scheduled at 5:00 am. If you are looking to complete the Traverse in the least amount of time, the option to skip the summit climbs are available. In particular, you may skip Mount Washington which eliminates the most mileage and elevation gain.

The Route, The Profile.

Water is always limited on this trail. You can replenish at the Madison Hut, Mount Washington Summit and Lake of the Clouds Hut. If you use the option to skip the Mount Washington summit, the distance between the huts is over 6 miles if you skip the summits.

One option that has been suggested is to regroup at Lake of the Clouds hut and then traverse to the terminus as a group. This depends on the various group speeds and whether or not summits bids are being made.

Additional Information:

It has been suggested that Sunday breakfast be held at the Wagon Wheel in Jefferson. Dinners suggestion include:

Mooseland Grill
Route 302 in Twin Mountain
(603) 846-0006

Fabyan's Station Restaurant and Lounge
Route 302 in Bretton Woods
(603) 278-2222